Well I have been busy, busy – working my butt off, or more accurately – my fingers and mouse hand! lol

But it is now ready to launch – my new look www.nicoletteneish.com  photographer website.

Even though the old one had received a bit of a face lift, it was past its use by date and not mobile friendly.    So after a steep learning curve, teaching myself how to use WordPress, the new site is ready to go!

And that is not all!     After being prompted by some of my family and friends to get some of my images out there on products to be sold, I have finally taken the leap.    Particularly my NZ Maori theme images – as have been told by whanau in NZ that they have seen my images in Auckland shops on greeting cards, prints and other things that other people have done with them!

So I have taken some time to research different supply options and have finally found a company that I can do this with (who were founded in Australia in 2006) and actually print products all over the world, but the majority are done in Australia – which did appeal to me, as it is keeping it a bit more local and still contributing to the Aus economy – and closer to ship to NZ and Aus for those products!

Well here you go! – Online Shop:   www.redbubble.com/people/NicoletteNeish/Shop

Please visit, take a look around – if you like something, buy it – that would be great!    If you have any family and friends that you think would be interested – would love you to forward on the link 😉   The online shop, is now also linked off my main website and Facebook pages.

Of course, now that I have seen some of my images printed on products – I had to go shopping in the store myself!   lol     So my first lot of products are on there way now – as wanted to test out the process and check out the quality of the products  (that is my story and I am sticking to it! lol).    I will post up some pics when the products arrive 😉

Now back to shooting some photos …

Nicolette 🙂